3D Printed Frogs – Top 8 Free Models & Files

Looking for a frog to print? Look no further!

This blog post contains a list of 3d printed frogs, as well as where you can download them. We have included both simple and more intricate designs, so there is something for everyone.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced printer, we have got you covered!

3D Printed Frog Projects For Download

Here are some 3D printed frogs projects and where you can download them:

Rana Frog ACDC

This frog is ideal for the beginner printer. It has a simple design, with minimal detailing and no moving parts. However, it is structurally strong enough to withstand regular use.

  • Creator: NACHOAMDS2
  • Downloads: 37
  • Where can you download this model? Cults

Red Eyed Treefrog

Loud noises from garden ponds are a thing of the past, and you can now calibrate your printer in the most adorable way! Introducing the Red Eyed Treefrog, a detailed frog that is perfect for using in small displays. It has beautiful details and is made to look realistic.

  • Creator: MorenaP 
  • Where can you download this model? Thingiverse

Ring Frog

This fragile looking creature is ideal for the more experienced printer. It requires a great deal of accuracy and is made up of multiple parts that need to be assembled afterward.

  • Creator: homestudios
  • Where can you download this model? cgtrader

Princess Frog

With this frog project, you can make cufflinks, pendants, rings, and more.

The size is 28x23x9mm and weight is 7g 14K-8g 18K-10g. Models are fixed with RP Magics software and ready for prototyping.

The STL file is for printing and the 3DM file is for editing or modifying.

  • Creator: Lemon3D
  • Where can you download this model? cgtrader

Flexi Print-in-Place Frog

The Flexi Frog is a great toy to play with because it flops around and moves in any direction. T

his frog is an articulated print-in-place model that doesn’t need supports, assembly, or anything else – it prints great straight out of the box with PLA!

  • Creator: Flexi Factory
  • Where can you download this model? Etsy


This is a frog on the duck buoy system.

It is a fun model for children, but also has great detail and could be used for more intricate models.

It’s versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings to bring your frog collection alive!

  • Creator: GMT3D
  • Where can you download this model? Cults

Miss Frog Bowl

Miss Frog Bowl is a great decoration for your place, and you print it on any FDM or SLS 3D printer.

Print dimensions can be customized to anything you may need, and 3D model size is 1.86 × Y 2.87 × Z 2.06 mm.

  • Creator: LENY2
  • Where can you download this model? Cults

King Frog

This is an adorable frog that you can print with your printer. It would be fun to print a whole squad of these frogs. You don’t need any support to print this model.

It is ready to print, and the size of the model when printed is X 48 × Y 28.1 × Z 59.5 mm.

  • Creator: Artflex
  • Where can you download this model? Cults

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