6 Reasons to Switch to OrcaSlicer

Recently, after years of faithfully using PrusaSlicer for all of my 3D printing needs, I made the switch to the little known OrcaSlicer. In this article, I’m going to share why, and why you, too, might want to make the jump! Let’s dive in.  What is OrcaSlicer?   For those of you who don’t already know, … Read more

6 Reasons Why Should You Get Into 3D Printing

why you should get into 3d printing

In this article, I’m going to share why you – yes, YOU, should get into 3D printing. Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a “maker” or “handy,” I’m going to explain some of the reasons why those of us already in this hobby love it so much, and what’s more, why YOU might … Read more

30 Best 3D Puzzles (For Adults and Kids!)

Puzzles have been a long-standing form of entertainment for individuals of all ages. They serve as an enjoyable and stimulating way to exercise cognitive abilities and improve problem-solving skills. However, traditional flat puzzles can become tedious and repetitive over time. In this context, 3D puzzles represent a unique alternative, offering a higher degree of complexity … Read more

13 Exotic 3D Printing Filaments to Try This Year (Recycled, Wood, Dual Extrusion)

exotic 3d printing filaments

Last November, I have attended the annual Formnext 3D printing conference in Frankfurt. Besides all the amazing innovations and new 3D printers I was introduced to, I have managed to get hold of lots of new, exotic filaments for my upcoming projects. In this article, I’d walk you through all those new exotic filaments and … Read more