30 Best 3D Puzzles (For Adults and Kids!)

Puzzles have been a long-standing form of entertainment for individuals of all ages. They serve as an enjoyable and stimulating way to exercise cognitive abilities and improve problem-solving skills. However, traditional flat puzzles can become tedious and repetitive over time. In this context, 3D puzzles represent a unique alternative, offering a higher degree of complexity … Read more

13 Exotic 3D Printing Filaments to Try This Year (Recycled, Wood, Dual Extrusion)

exotic 3d printing filaments

Last November, I have attended the annual Formnext 3D printing conference in Frankfurt. Besides all the amazing innovations and new 3D printers I was introduced to, I have managed to get hold of lots of new, exotic filaments for my upcoming projects. In this article, I’d walk you through all those new exotic filaments and … Read more