7 Best 3D Printed Dragons (STL Files & Models)

Dragon lovers rejoice! There is a new trend in the 3D printing world, and it is all about dragons.

These mythical creatures have been brought to life with stunning detail using 3D printers.

In this article, we have gathered a list of some of our favorite dragon designs, as well as links to where you can download them yourself.

3D Printed Dragon Models for Download

Here are the best 3D printed dragon designs we found online this year:

The Elder Dragon

This incredible dragon design was created by the artist Isther Lim and is available for download.

It features intricate details, including scales, wings, horns, and claws that can be printed.

  • Creator: Isther Lim
  • Where can you download this model? World of STL

Articulated Dragon

This model shattered any preconceived notions about 3D printer owners. They were believed to be unwilling to pay for STL files, but the success of this project proved otherwise.

As of now, there have been 46K paid downloads with thousands of physical models sold on Etsy, eBay, Amazon and more.

  • Creator: McGyBeer
  • Where can you download this model? Cults

Articulated Crystal Dragon

This 3D printed Flexi Crystal Dragon is two feet long and made of PLA.

It has a Rainbow color scheme that changes colors randomly. The entire body articulates, meaning the different parts of its body move independently from each other.

There are also two sets of legs that can move separately as well. This dragon is mesmerizing to play with because it’s so colorful and fun to poke!

  • Creator: Cinderwing3d 
  • Where can you download this model? Etsy

Imperial Dragon

This model is on the difficult end of medium-difficulty to print.

Maintaining perfect bed adhesion is a must, and you may even need a little help if your 3D printer is struggling.

The right cooling settings are very important, as there are 80 curved spikes on the back of this dragon.

  • Creator: Flexi Factory
  • Where can you download this model? Cults

Dragon Bust

This one is a bit smaller and easier to print than the rest but still has a lot of intricate details.

The horns and the scary features are particularly impressive, as they have a great details despite their small size.

  • Creator: strannik1988 
  • Where can you download this model? cgtrader

Baby Crystal Dragon Fidget Toy

This model is perfect for kids and adults alike.

It’s a small crystal dragon that can be printed in rainbow colors and has an articulated body, so you can play with it like a fidget toy. It also comes with a close 3D printed frog model.

  • Creator: Cinderwing3d
  • Where can you download this model? Etsy

Dragon Egg 

This model is a bit more whimsical and is perfect for decoration.

It has great details and can be printed in many colors.

  • Creator: Dgs Studio
  • Where can you download this model? Etsy

Dragon Eating Its Own Tail

The STL file is of a dragon eating its tail, also called Ouroboros in iconography.

It is ready to be 3D printed or milled, and there are no undercuts present.

Although it was created with molding and casting in mind, it would work just as well for 3D printing in our opinion.

  • Creator:  clayguy
  • Where can you download this model? cgtrader

We hope this list of 3D printed dragons has been helpful in your search for the perfect dragon model.

Whether you’re looking for a detailed and life-like design, or something cute and fun to play with, these designs are sure to please.

So start printing today and bring the magic of dragons into your home!

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