11 Free 3D Printed Keycaps (Models & STL Files)

Do you love gaming? Do you also love customizing your gaming gear?

If so, then you will love 3D printed keycaps!

These accessories add a whole new level of customization to your keyboard. Not only can you choose the color and design of your keycaps, but you can also choose the shape and style!

In this blog post, we will provide a list of websites where you can download 3D printed keycaps. We will also provide pictures of some of the best designs out there.

3D Printed Keycaps STL Files List

Here’s a list of 3d printed keycaps and websites that offer 3D printed keycaps for download:

Minecraft keycaps

No matter how you play Minecraft, there are always going to be some tools that you need.

Whether you’re trying to survive or just build something awesome, these tools will help you get the job done.

  • Owner: para_bellum 
  • Where can you download this model? Thingiverse

Pokemon Keycap

These keys are perfect for replacing the ones you don’t use often, and they’ll help keep your keyboard unique.

  • Owner: Custom3D
  • Where can you download this model? Etsy

AK 47 keycaps

For first-person shooter players that want to map their keys differently, these 3D printed keycaps are perfect.

The gun symbol will remind you which key is assigned to shooting, reloading, or the weapon wheel so you don’t have to scramble for the right one.

  • Owner: Unt Ko
  • Where can you download this model? Thingiverse

Transparent Keycap

If you use transparent material, this 3D printed keycap design provides a clean slate for your own personalization.

Get creative and add whatever you want-printed or otherwise made.

  • Owner: EJ-TECH
  • Where can you download this model? cults

Genshin Impact

In time, muscle memory will set in, but these keycaps, if printed and mapped correctly – mean you’ll never have to worry about miscasting fire magic on a flame elemental again.

  • Owner: MidnightPhantom
  • Where can you download this model? Cults

Baby Yoda – 3D Keycap 

Do you love the Mandalorian? Then this keycap is for you!

Show off your fandom with Baby Yoda perched on top of your keyboard.

  • Owner: 3Dinnovativeprints
  • Where can you download this model? Etsy

Cherry MX Keycaps

The pieces are designed meticulously and with great detail.

If you use the right filament and settings, you’ll be able to create some amazing keys that will stand out and perfectly satisfy the description of 3D printed artisan keycaps.

  • Owner: evamvid
  • Where can you download this model? Thingiverse

Atompunk Armor Helmet

This 3D printed keycap is perfect for sci-fi fans.

With its steampunk styling, this armor helmet keycap will add a unique touch to your keyboard setup!

  • Owner: Fotis
  • Where can you download this model? Etsy

Butt Keycap

Want to add a bit of humor to your keyboard? This 3D printed butt keycap is sure to make anyone smile!

  • Owner: RiddleBest
  • Where can you download this model? Etsy

Succubus Queen Keycap

Looking for something more unique?

This 3D printed Succubus Queen keycap is sure to turn heads!

This is one of the most detailed artisan keycaps you can download.

Red Mushroom Keycap

This bright red mushroom keycap is perfect for any Mario fan.

Whether you need to replace a worn out key or just want to add some personality to your keyboard, this 3D printed accessory is sure to do the trick!

  • Owner:  Kortney
  • Where can you download this model? Etsy

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