16 Honeycomb Storage Wall Accessories I Personally Use

As I mentioned in my wildly-popular video on the top organization systems, I had mounted my entire honeycomb wall backwards, causing me to re-do the ENTIRE thing.

It wasn’t fun.

Fortunately, I decided to make lemons out of lemonade, improving my setup, so I used this as an opportunity to go through all 600+ available remixes, choosing the best accessories, upgrades, and components for this AWESOME system.

In this article, I’m going to share a bunch of my favorites, why you should print them, and what to look out for.

My Personal Favorite 3D Printed Honeycomb Storage Wall Upgrades

Roll up your sleeves, clear off your walls, and get ready to hide more filament from your spouse or roommate – it’s another organization episode:

Parametric Circular Device Mount

First and foremost, I want to solve the SINGLE most annoying thing with my previous setup: mounting circular things using simple pegs. Especially if those circular things are tall.

Fortunately, you can now do that with this AWESOME parametric device mount model by Jason Galbreath. Simply pop open OpenScad, measure and input the parameters of your circular device, and it spits out the perfect mount.

Pro tip here: you definitely don’t need the entire half-circle of this model, so unless you want it for some reason, you can set your slicer to stop the print half-way, or use the built-in cutting feature on slicers like OrcaSlicer.

That not only saves filament, but it means you won’t need supports to bridge the top of the arch. Nice!

OpenSCAD Parameterized Honeycomb Storage Walls

While you have OpenScad open, let’s talk about this parameterized version of the baseplate for the HSW system, because I know many of you are probably only printing the available sizes.

But if you’re like me, you’re going to find yourself with odds and ends, or the need to get creative as you work your way around outlets and so on.

Yes, you could use the built in “cut” function on your slicer, or even use negative volume modifiers… but you risk the edges not being exactly half if you ever need to juxtapose them to another base.

Instead, use this OpenScad version to input how many squares you need in each axis, and get the perfect edges every time.

Oh, and if the shape you need isn’t rectangular, or you need cutouts, fear not, because there is also a version that allows you to make custom shapes, as well. I wish I’d known that before I printed all kinds of tiny strips and connected them to one another.

Countersunk to Hole (Included in Original Files)

Speaking of connecting one plate to another, one thing that drove me crazy the first time around was that I often wanted to put the screw hole on one of the edges, or add a screw hole to a different shape of mounting connectors than was provided.

Sure, I could go through the effort of modeling my own, but that’s annoying.

And while there are a ton of remixes available for alternative connector types and longer ones to connect 4 plates together, and so on, which I’ll link in the description, I found it a whole lot easier and faster to just take these countersunk to hole adapters – which – it turns out, I had all along from the original files – and use them to add a countersunk hole wherever I damn well please! Enjoy!

Honeycomb Storage – Longer Hooks – Bottom & Sides

Before I discovered the awesome circular mount, I used these for pretty much everything – and they still have a ton of use. They’re basically like the original hooks by RostaP, but with longer gaps.

This makes them great for storing thicker stuff like battery chargers, hard disks, and so on. Pay attention to the fact that there are “side” versions and “bottom” versions, though you can use a hook in the wrong way to get unique angles if you need them.

100mm x 140mm bin + Trays with Lips

Back in my day, we only had access to simple shelves for the honeycomb wall, but these days, you can get shelves, buckets, and even bins.

I like a good bin, and so I wanted to feature this one from scooter magavin.

Originally, I used his various trays with front lips, and they’ve been great, but if I were to do it all over again, I’d probably choose these over shelves for my more expensive stuff like camera lenses.

Honeycomb Wall, Squirt Bottle

Though, come to think of it, there are cooler ways to hold cylindrical things like camera lenses or bottles, so let’s now look at these bottle containers, and really the entire collection of models from Rob Beast.

While I like the design, it’s rather hard to print in something like PETG, but still, the opportunity to add honeycombs to your honeycombs, well, that’s something special.

Though, if you want a simpler bottle holder, you can also check out Bottle Holders for Honeycomb Storage Wall

Gridfinity Honeycomb Storage Wall Base Plates

While I’ve got my X to the Z Exhibit on, I heard you like organization systems, so we added an organization system to your organization system, but putting a Gridfinity baseplate on your honeycomb wall!

Now you can easily pop in any of your gridfinity accessories whenever and wherever you need them. Sweet!

Honeycomb Storage Wall Shelf Supports

Speaking of wherever you need them, chances are, once you have one surface honeycombed, you’re going to want more. And that’s all well and good for flat surfaces – in fact there are even adapters out there for cubicles, command hooks for walls you can’t drill into, and more – but what if you just need MORE?

Here, again, I’ll share the honeycomb wall shelf support brackets I designed, which allow you to input your favorite HCW accessories on the inside and out of your shelf brackets themselves. This is particularly great for things like lights that you want to stick out from the wall. Enjoy!

Cold Shoe Mounts for HoneyComb Wall

Speaking of things that I designed for use with camera accessories, check out this cold shoe mount!

I love it because it makes it dead simple to slide on your extra lights, microphones, or, my favorite use – your actual hot-shoe covers that you’re always losing.

It’s intentionally a tight fit to keep things from falling off, but I’ve really been enjoying it, so if you get value out of it, make sure to give the model – and this video – a “like.”

Proper SD Card Holder

The original model that is provided by RostaP might be great for some, but my SD cards got stuck in one of them, and was destroyed, so I decided to come up with another solution.

I remixed someone else’s design to get rid of the MicroSD cards I didn’t need, and made it a simple “hole” peg without the need to print the entire clasp. I also made a version with “empty” and “full” text, so you can keep your cards straight. Enjoy!

Yet another Hook (50mm)

There are lots of hooks out there for the HSW, but if you need to hang something big and HEAVY like a gimbal, this chunky boi from TeeCee is the one for you.

Though it gets -100 points for not putting HSW in the same and therefore making me search for half an hour, I have been successfully hanging stuff off of these since day one, and they work.

Though, now that I think of it, they also have a kind of poor design, because there’s no good way to print the curved bit without sagging, even if you use supports, since it’s rounded, and you need to print it lying down for strength.

HSW Pins / Hooks

While we’re waiting for that remix, let’s look at another similar one.

Sometimes you need a hook, but other times, you just need a pin, for example if you don’t have a lot of clearance with what your hanging.

These handy pins are, well, they’re just hexagonal pins. Not much to say there, I guess. Check em’ out.

Honeycomb Wall Compliant Mechanism Clip Mount

That may have been a really simple model, but this next one is anything but. It’s a compliant mount that you can use to secure cables nicely to your honeycomb wall.

I’ve been looking for something like this, because I freaking HATE cables, as you all know, and so I was thrilled to find it.

Magsafe Puck Adapter for HCW Honeycomb Wall

Here’s another one that I designed, and I’m actually pretty proud of it.

It’s a simple puck adapter to attach a Magsafe charger – in this case, the ThreeKeys, but it might also fit the original – to your HSW.

Why simply print a phone mount when you could print one that also charges your phone as it’s hanging? Hope you guys enjoy it!

Honeycomb Wall snips or pliers holder DOUBLE!

I don’t know about you guys, but the idea of sharp cutters pointing up just irks me, and feels unsafe, so instead, I chose to print out this awesome design which features the ability to store two sets of pliers or cutters with their eye-pokey bits pointing DOWN.

This model gets -100 points or not being printable without supports on the actual honeycombs, but… I guess we’re all human.

Benchy Display for Honeycomb Storage Wall

Speaking of being human and making mistakes, you won’t believe HOW long and HOW many prototypes it took me to design this next one.

It’s a benchy display stand for your HSW! Sounds simple, but it took FOREVER to make it so that it would hold the benchy without breaking the chimney!

I also recently uploaded an improved version of it with little cut-outs in the top for another row of Benchies, because I’m CONSTANTLY knocking down the benches on the top row.

Make sure to upload your makes, because I love seeing you guys use my designs!


Alright, that’s all we have time for this time, but if you have any great HSW models that I didn’t mention in this list, feel free to share them in the comments below, and/or make sure to check out the Reddit community I created for this awesome organization system.

Happy organizing, and I’ll see all of YOU on The Next Layer.

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