3D Printed Transformers – Free STL Files

Do you remember playing with transformers as a kid? These toys were so much fun, and now they are back in a whole new way.

3D printing has allowed for some amazing creations, and one of the most popular is the 3D printed transformer.

This toy is just like the ones you remember from your childhood, but it is brought to life with stunning detail that can only be achieved with 3D printing technology.

In this blog post, we will provide a list of some of the best 3D printed transformers that are available online.

We will also provide links to where you can download these files and create your own!

3D Printed Transformers With STL Files

Here are some of the cool 3D printed transformers that you can find online:

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is an honorable leader of the Autobots and a highly respected Cybertronian. He uses his fists for good, heroic actions to protect people.

His charm and selflessness make him a powerful figure. His 3D printed transformer version has a detailed body and head that are sure to impress.

Creator: SpecialSTL

Where can you download this model? SpecialSTL

Megatron 3D Print

Megatron is the most well-known and feared commander of the Decepticons.

He grew up believing that it was the Transformers’ destiny to control an empire that would span the universe.

He despises other Transformers because he believes they are dishonoring their legacy by wanting peace with inferior living forms.

He is the polar opposite of his mortal rival Optimus Prime.


Where can you download this model? Etsy

Bumblebee Transformers EXTREME

This 3D printed model of Bumblebee is an impressive version of the classic character from the Transformers series.

This model features a powerful and detailed body, as well as bright yellow paint job.

It has stunning detail that will make it look like it just stepped off of the movie screen.


Where can you download this model? Etsy


The Sqweeks Autobot 3D printing model can easily be turned into a wheeled robot with a few extra steps.

Even if you’re new to this hobby, the final product will look great.

The large weapon attached to its arm is proof that it won’t give up even after sustaining heavy damage.

Creator: Samuel Link

Where can you download this model? Gambody

Transformers Helmets

A Transformers helmet is great for kids and adults alike, and if you’re skilled in electronics, you can even add voice-changing features and lights.

Creator: 3D-mon

Where can you download this model? cgtrader

Megatron Statue

The 3D printed Transformer robot from the planet Cybertron will look dangerous with his giant axe and fusion cannon attached to the right arm.

However, it is nothazardous at all once you assemble it.

Creator: Jason Burrows

Where can you download this model? Gambody

Prius Prime

The Prius Prime model for 3D printing is versatile and can be transformed into your very own masterpiece.

The design was inspired by the Toyota Prius hybrid car, and it comes with multiple parts that you can print and customize to your liking.

Creator: Brian Mernoff

Where can you download this model? MyMiniFactory

Transformers G1 Matrix Autobots 

This 3D printing model will give you a taste of nostalgia.

It’s an incredible recreation of the classic Transformers G1 Matrix Autobots from the 1980s, with intricate detail and bright colors that make it stand out amongst other models.

Creator: Nic

Where can you download this model? Etsy

Transformer 3D Windblade

Windblade is a Cityspeaker, a bot that can interact with Titans, bots the size of cities.

She fights for what she believes in wholeheartedly and always attempts to use reason when everyone else has given up.

When that doesn’t work, she turns to her turbine-hilted sword Stormfall to put an end to the situation.

Creator: Tfpivman

Where can you download this model? Cults

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