7 Best 3D Printed RC Plane Models (With STL Files)

3D printed RC planes offer a unique way for hobbyists and experienced flyers alike to create custom designed RC planes.

3D printing technology has revolutionized the world of aviation, allowing anyone with access to a 3D printer to design and build their own high-performance aircraft.

With these advancements, there are now a variety of options available when it comes to creating RC planes using 3D printing.

This article will show different types of 3D printed RC planes and where you can download them.

Whether you’re interested in building your own RC plane or just want to learn more about 3D printing technology, this guide is for you.

Where to Find 3D Printed RC Planes Models?

Below are some of the best 3D printed RC planes models available online:

Flying Wing

The Flying Wing might look like a simple Y-shaped 3D printable plane, but it can actually be pretty challenging to fly.

Its lightweight design and the ability to adjust the size make it a great choice for beginners.

Creator: TomStanton

Where can you download this model? Thingiverse


This plane has a sleek design and is perfect for aerial acrobatics. The wings are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, and the construction is incredibly light.

This 3D printed RC Plane has a distinct aircraft-style design that will turn heads at any RC event.

Creator: c-arts-modelle

Where can you download this model? Printables

Red Mini Wing

The Red Mini Wing 3D printed RC plane is designed to be both aerodynamic and lightweight.

Its sleek design and durable construction make it perfect for long-distance flights.

With a wingspan of only 794 mm, the parts can be printed quickly and does not require supports or rafts, so you can be ready for takeoff in no time.

Creator: wersy

Where can you download this model? Thingiverse

Northern Pike

The designer 3D printed this plane with a Prusa i3 MK2S printer, using PETG and PLA filament.

In total, the printing for this design consumed around 0.70 kg of filament and took 40 hours to complete.

The creator listed that they used a 0% infill density, with a 0.1 to 0.25-mm layer height setting on their printer before beginning the print job.

Creator: localfiend

Where can you download this model? Thingiverse

Eclipson Model T

The Eclipson Model T makes for an excellent RC plane project, even if it can’t function as a seaplane.

The plane has a single propeller and uses 29 different 3D printable parts, along with several other pieces of hardware. Perfect for aerial stunts, the plane has a wingspan of 1.2 meters and is designed to be aerodynamic.

Creator: Eclipson

Where can you download this model? Thingiverse

Piper J-3 Cub

The most defining characteristic of this plane is that its landing gear is interchangeable with 3D printed floats. This allows your plane the capability to take off from or land on water.

Although, precaution must be taken to waterproof the float so no water leakage occurs; which can simply be done by using either water-resistant paint or spray.

Creator: 3DLabPrint

Where can you download this model? 3DLabPrint


The designer utilized LW-PLA to print the aircraft’s fuselage and covered it with carbon fiber vinyl.

He also took advantage of balsa wood for different parts of the plane, particularly the wings, to make it as lightweight as possible.

Creator: Roolaid

Where can you download this model? Grabcad


The Melusine is a 3D-printed twin tail electric glider that functions as an FPV platform.

It weighs approximately 2.3 kg and has a wingspan of 2,320 mm.

With pusher propellers and interchangeable noses for FPV cameras, it’s perfect for those who are looking to experiment with different camera positions while still getting great footage.

Plus, the optional tricycle landing gear creates stability on takeoff and landing, while the nose wheel allows you to steer once you’re on the ground.

Creator: tahustvedt

Where can you download this model? Cults

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