7 Free 3D Printed Octopus STL Files for Download

Looking for a cool new octopus print to add to your 3D printing collection? Look no further!

This list of 3D printed octopus designs is sure to please. We’ve gathered some of the best octopus prints from around the internet, and we’re excited to share them with you.

So download your favorite design and start printing today!

Where Can You Find 3D Printed Octopus for Download?

Here are some of the best 3D printed octopus designs you can find online:

Cute Mini Octopus

This cute mini octopus is perfect for small 3D printing projects. They look so real, you’ll be amazed!


Where can you download this model? Cults


If you live for a challenge, then this model is the perfect one for you! It isn’t flat on the bottom, which makes 3D printing more difficult.

Though with some extra effort and supportive materials, we’re confident you’ll succeed.

Creator: Nihlton

Where can you download this model? Printables

Detailed Octopus Model

The model’s dimensions are 130 x 120 x 130 mm. It has a detailed texture and is perfect for creating realistic octopuses.

Creator: 4theswarm

Where can you download this model? MyMiniFactory

Bucket O’ Octopodes

The head’s design lets you see the filament’s flexibility under real-life conditions. Also, the tentacles serve as a sound test for the model’s structural rigidity that is provided by the filament. This looks good on any shelf and will be a great conversation starter.

Creator: moleofproduction

Where can you download this model? Thingiverse

Mood Octopus

The Mood Octopus is a 3D printed octopus that can display at least 16 individual moods and expressions. With all the different sizes, these models make for a fun addition to your desk or home. This is great for anyone who loves to express themselves in new and creative ways.

Creator: leonardlee

Where can you download this model? MyMiniFactory

The Rocktopus

The plastic is very smooth and there are no snags! The arms articulate well and are easy to move around. This is great for anyone who likes to play around with their 3D prints.

Creator: Christina Kuhn

Where can you download this model? Etsy


This is an excellent 3D model of a tiny octopus. Its tentacles are movable due to the chain-like design that can be printed all at one go, also known as print-in-place. The best thing is, there’s no assembly required!

Creator: McGybeer

Where can you download this model? Printables


This print is made for both display and play. Its tentacles move like those of a real octopus and its body can be manipulated for hours of fun. Fidgeting is known to help relieve stress, so this model may be just the thing you need when things get tough.

Creator: Imagine That

Where can you download this model? Printables


3D print an octopus-shaped planter to give your plants a new home. This model is designed to be printed all at once and can accommodate small flower pots. It will look great on any desk or shelf, so why not give it a try?

Creator: Chaolinx

Where can you download this model? Thingiverse

Lifelike Articulated Octopus

After three years of perfecting his art, the designer behind the popular 3D-printed octopus toy has created an updated version that is cuter and more life-like than ever.

The new model features a lifelike head, longer tentacles, textured skin, and more realistic proportions.

Creator: 3DMenagerie

Where can you download this model? Etsy

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